Frequently Asked Questions

Odds are, nothing is wrong. If you signed up for the free account, you will be able to watch the live stream. However you will not be able to see the archived videos unless you upgrade your account.

There is a login feature from the menu. There are also login features from each of the pages. When you get to the content you want to view you will be asked to login. Although unless you logged out previously or waited for it to time out, you may still be logged in to the site. You may not be asked to log in again.

We request that you don't do that. Although we are expecting people to operate on the honor system since this is a ministry. We are using the donations to fund the ministry and to help the community. Please consider the people that need assistance before you share your credentials with other people.

Check to make sure you are attempting to log in to the correct website since we have 2 domains You can email tech support at

You can log in anytime to our livestreaming page and there is a countdown to our next live stream. No matter what the time difference, this will tell you how long until the next live stream instead of what time it will be.

We do have all of our Jimmy Carter Sundays listed on the schedule on the website

We have a Facebook page where we announce our livestreaming events as well.  or search Facebook for @MBCPlains.

We always want you to feel welcome at Maranatha Baptist Church. So please feel free to log in to the live stream page in advance and make sure everything is working before the service you want to watch. We welcome you to take it for a test run and if you have any questions, we are here to help in any way we can.

We do have all of our Jimmy Carter Sundays listed on the schedule on the website

Although we live stream every Sunday morning. Pastor Tony Lowden is broadcast for Sunday Service.